Optimum desk uninstall complete 100%

Today i stumbled across a remote assistance solution who doesn’t offer an uninstall option and classic method doesn not work as the app keep reinstalling as it has it’s own life.

complete solution as follows:

  1. open task scheduler – there must be 3 tasks names ODA, ODS and UPDATER -> inspect each and check the exe as they lead to correct files to delete
  2. stop optimum desk service and also updaterService
  3. task manager: search 2 times for odservice and close both
  4. open cmd (run as administrator) prompt and run these 2 commands: sc delete odservice then sc delete UpdaterService
  5. go to program files (x86) and delete optimum desk folder
  6. go to program files (x86)\common files and delete updater folder

spend one hour or so to understand this nonsense. nJOY!