hdd / win boot repair

You need to set Disk 0, partition 1 active then write the boot configuration data, fix the mbr and fix the bootsector and rewrite the BCD record

Here’s the manual way it should be done, I think:

Boot from the Windows 7 DVD, SHIFT-F10 from the first menu to bring up a command prompt window
Type DISKPARTĀ from the prompt:

DISKPART> select disk 0
Disk 0 is now the selected disk

DISKPART> select partition 1
Partition 1 is now the selected partition
DISKPART> active
Partition 1 is now active

Reboot, startup Windows 7 DVD again and at the Windows Recovery console, shift-F10 at the first dialog again.

Now for the Boot Sector:
The Windows installation is on C:\Windows on an active partition. There is no boot information, no master boot record (MBR) and no Boot Configuration Data (BCD.)

From the recovery command line prompt, type:
BCDBOOT c:\windows

reboot by typing SHUTDOWN /r
That should reboot you back to windows

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