pfSense upgrade from 2.7.0 devel to 2.7.0 final

Now with pfSense 2.7.0 being release i had few boxes which were on 2.7.0 devel because my hardware contained the 2.5gbps LAN adapter which were not supported on pfSense 2.6.0

Being Saturday i thought it might be a good time to take all machines with pfSense to latest version but i’ve encountered the following error:


switching to latest 2.7.0 didn’t help

so last option was to try fixing thru CLI … this is how it worked for me – still do a full backup before and try it on your own risk:

login to SSH option 8 and run these command:

pkg bootstrap -f

and then from GUI check again for uodates, in my case it looks

later edit:

Using this method i upgrade all my 30+ pfSense boxes ( either virtual machines or phisycal servers) with only one exception which generated following error

I fixed this by running:

pkg-static -d update

in Dashboard it showed i can update to 2.7.0 but when clicking on small cloud icon it redirected to update page where initial “Unable to check for updates” errors occurs

i went to CLI menu and started updated using option number 13

Good luck!